Automatic Gear

We provide a Driving in Thailand course for a foreigner. Our course is separated in 3 steps.


Step 1: Practice at our own standard driving field. Learn how to start the engine, gear changing, turning, using the car equipment, using and control the peddles.

Step 2: Practice on the real road, sharing the road with the others, crossing the intersection, lane changing, overtaking, U- Turn.
Every step is under our instructor suggestion.

Step 3: Practice for driving test.

Auto Gear 
10 hrs. 6,000 THB.
12 hrs. 7,000 THB.
14 hrs. 8,000 THB.
20 hrs. 10,000 THB.



How to apply for driving course.
1. Call to book.
2. Come to register with a passport.
3. Payment.




Finish our course, the student will completely know.

•    How to use the gear transmission, steering wheel, accelerator and break pedal.
•    How to u-turn, stop and parking.
•    Understanding to sharing the road with others.
•    How to drive on a one-way traffic and two way traffic.
•    How to use the signal turning and use the rear-view mirror and side mirrors.
•    The student will get more skills and experiences on the real road.
•    Training to get the driving license.

Standard of our Driving School.

– Our own standard driving field, training for the practical test.
– Get driving license 100% according to The Ministry of Land Transport regulation.

Contact Us.

566 Phraeksa Rd, Thai Ban Mai, Mueang Samut prakarn 10280, Dailyopen.

Phone : +66 89 797 3735  Ms.Than
ID_Line : thans2017
WhatsApp : 089 797 3735
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